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S2 Water Purification System

S2 Water Purification System


Two Stages of Filtration

Each C3 canister is devoted to addressing a different set of harmful chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines, and over 100 additional contaminants.

Stage 1: KDF/GAC
Stage 2: Catalytic Carbon



Our S2 Pre-Filters last approximately a whole year! There is not a water filter on the market that can compete with our S2 Twin-filtration system.

  • Specifications

    Height: 12"
    Width: 12.5"
    Depth: 4"
    Water inlet/outlet: 3/8" hard tubing
    Power Consumption: None
    Water Pressure: 5-90 PSI
    Effective Flow Rate: 4 LPM(Liter per minute)
    Max Flow Rate: 8 LPM(Liter per minute)
    Filter Life: 3,000 Gallons or 12 Months, which ever comes first.
    Replacement Filters: Filter Replacement Pack

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